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       History Background

 In 1944, was the first beginning of the factory, cultivateing flax and rutting flax   fiber were the main activities for many years.

In 1981, was the complete line for flax waste which we export to France and   Belguim, when we imported two Depoorter Machines from Belguim.

In 1983, was the turning point for a new product which is Hackling Flax after   importing four James Mackie machines for Hackling.

In 1990, was the first step for Spinning,when we imported a complete line for   Spinning for producing thick Yarn,together with six Carding Machines.

From 1992, we got a complete line of Flax Yarn in addition to polishing.

Importing different kinds of Flax seeds to improve the Flax fiber is also one of   our main activities.

Untill now improving the machines,buying new ones and developing ourselves is the most important aim which started long time ago and will never end.

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